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Calling All Aspiring Entrepreneurs And Business Owners!

Do You Want To Start and Own a Successful Business?

Do you aspire to be your own boss but is unsure how to get started? How do you minimise the risk of starting the wrong business and avoid losing time and money? Or are you already running a business and realised you need a mentor or a coach to guide you in your business as you are facing many business challenges?

Aligning culture, talent, and strategy

Aligning your corporate culture, structure, and talent with your business strategy is challenging, complicated, and necessary. Strategic shifts such as new products and services, market expansion, evolving growth strategies, innovative technology, new leadership, or mergers and acquisitions, all impact your most valuable asset, your people. Deloitte’s Organization Transformation & Talent practice can help align your organization with the critical changes required for success. We work across the enterprise, offering business-oriented and data-driven solutions to drive your organization’s transformation agenda to achieve high impact, sustainable business results.

Organization Transformation & Talent

He grew up in the Salvation Army and yet made it as a successful entrepreneur. He started his business from scratch and grew it into a public-listed company in the Singapore Stock Exchange. His products were sold globally in 33 countries and his brand won the Superbrands award 3 years consecutively. In 2006, his company achieved sales of $80 million.

Having gone through the hard times, Boyd wants to leave a legacy of having groomed other entrepreneurs to be highly successful. He is currently coaching and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs as well as business owners through his entrepreneurship programme called "Genesis Entrepreneurship Training (GET)"

"I have faced most of the challenges you can imagine in business - from growing it locally to expanding globally; went through an ardous two years preparing for an IPO, listed the company successfully against all odds and most importantly, was able to exit comfortably." - excerpts from Straits Times No 1 Bestseller "I Don't Want To Be Poor - The Boyd Au Success Story"

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